About us

Founded in 1988 as a specialist Skate & Snowboard Store, SS20 quickly became a national beacon for skate and snowboarders.

Once called "The social services of skateboarding" by the Observer magazine SS20 was far more than just a shop, it was a focal point for so many.

Now reformed in 2020 as a brand we continue to place a heavy emphasis on community involvement and engagement with a strong ethical responsibility.

Social Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We'd like it if we didn't have to point out all that we do, as we feel every company should be doing everything they can to make a difference.

Locally produced Our garments are printed and embroidered in our home city using Shirtworks who are a Fair Living wage employer, and are one of the most eco-friendly printers in the UK. We only use organic cotton tees and; sweats, We also supply organic caps and, beanies.

If it's not organic then it's got recycled polyesters or is a Fair Wear item wherever possible. Packaged without plastic Zero plastic is used on our clothes, no plastic bags we even use metal safety pins for fixing swing tags!

Decks are made from sustainably sourced wood and wrapped in recyclable film. They are printed locally in Brackley, so even less of a trip round the country to get to us!

All products are gift wrapped with our eco friendly wrapping paper supplied by No Issue - part of the Eco Packaging Alliance Paper mailing sacks or cardboard boxes used, either way packaging is all 100% recyclable.

We're not exactly saving the planet but we're not killing it!